My favorite truck

The Canter is the name of the truck sold in Mitsubishi Fuso.
There is it from 1.5 tons to 3.5 tons.
On December 18, 1985, 4WD was set for a Canter.
As for 30cm, you lift a cabin of 2WD and are made and are very cool.
The double cab is particularly splendid in the Canter 4WD.
It is the double cab with the half-finished feeling on the practical use side as the truck, but is most suitable for RV, a camper, a base.
Double cab 4WD includes a standard and long shot, but the long shot is too big. There is 6m in total length, too.
The standard is 5m. As for the width, 1.89m, the height are 2.33m.
It is a trendy minivan and size same as Celsior area recently.
Single CAB was introduced by 8603 of 4*4 magazine, and double CAB came up with 8908.
I continued thinking that I wanted a Canter 4WD double cab since I looked at 8909 pink double cabs.
However, it is 5 million yen for the Canter body and remodeling costs when it is a new car.
It is the place where the person who can buy a maximum amount car of Landcruiser loses, but is too high for me!
What would you do? Naturally a used car is awaiting it.