The Japanese car which was stolen from a used supplier

Even if the used car supplier found the used car which I had stolen in a car loaded with by a Russian ship in one's shop and protested it, I exposed the distrust of customs when the customs did not scramble.
The impression to the Pakistani of inhabitants was not good. Most of neighborhood inhabitants perform rice growing and dry field farming around a used car store. Tractors could not go, and, for farming, as for the Pakistani, the farmer put on a big nuisance in the farm road which local people gave land and made to stop the used car of the article for sale. Besides, I do not understand the owner of the car. An owner understands it and returns to the same state again with caution a few days later. At the used car store which is adjacent to the rice field, it is an anxiety that a lot of car and battery that engine oil leaks are left unattended. Inhabitants continue having uneasiness and the anger that they can vent nowhere and.
A rumor that Japanese used car import duties of Russia rose last year spread, and the export number of the used car lengthened by a dash drastically. The number of used car and parts theft that were not outstanding increased so far.
In July, a decisive chance came over for a used car supplier. A used car supplier found a stolen vehicle from a Russian ship. Because a sailor recognized this, I will take down a car.
It was finally realized that a used car supplier appealed time and time again.